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“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.” (Abraham Lincoln)

me, the one who wants to make her life more lovable every each day
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The Dutch drink an average of 136 litres of coffee per year. Here’s what your coffee style says about your personality

looool i love frappuccino. wait, i love ice cream!!!! hahahhaa

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Chris Hadfield: An astronaut’s advice

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Art: by Gavin Aung Than
Words: by Chris Hadfield

Why worry about growing up when there’s so much GOING up to do? Canada, I am officially thanking you for Commander Hadfield.

And Commander Hadfield, I’m officially thanking you for beaming the wonder of space back down to Earth on a daily basis.


Whatcha doing?



Check Out Kengo Kuma’s ‘Naturescape for Urban Stories’!

For Milan Design Week 2013, Kengo Kuma brought his trademark style of transparency and lightness to the city center. In “Naturescape for Urban Stories,” Kuma envisions a natural space set within the bustling metropolis of Milan. Suspended between sculpture and architecture, Kuma’s installation reinterprets the traditional Japanese garden as a series of sinuous, organic spaces comprised of pietra serena stone, bamboo, water and gravel. Click through to see more!

'Punya mimpi setinggi tingginya!'

'Hidup itu untuk hari ini, let it flow aja'

Jujur saya kadang terpengaruh sama pernyataan pertama, kadang juga pernyataan kedua. Ga punya pendirian ya?


Tapi saya percaya hidup itu harus seimbang, untuk hari ini dan demi masa depan. Yang penting ga usah mikirin masa lalu yang bikin gak semangat.

sudah diputuskaan. sabar 2 bulan lagi InsyaAllah sudah ada di tangan ehehehehee